I record and publish new dance mixes about once a month. You can have these mixes delivered directly to your mp3 player each week by subscribing to the Acclerate Podcast.

To subscribe you must first download a podcast client. There are several podcast clients available to choose from. iTunes and iPodder are both very good clients.

Once you have downloaded and installed a podcast client, you must add the Accelerate Podast URL.

For iTunes you can automatically subscribe using the link to the right. If that doesn't work for some reason you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast > Add URL
  2. Enter: http://www.djturbine.com/podcast/index.xml
For iPodder:
  1. Go to Tools > Add a Feed...
  2. For URL enter: http://www.djturbine.com/podcast/index.xml

For more information on podcasting, please visit the podcast page at Wikipedia.org


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